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Modi government should counter biased media narrative.

World NewsIndia NewsModi government should counter biased media narrative.

The Narendra Modi government is unfazed by the British public broadcaster BBC’s revival of the 2002 Gujarat riots and believes that more such political hits are in the pipeline to target India and the prime minister personally. are in line as New Delhi prepares to host the G-20 and SCO summits. Year and QUAD summit in January 2024.

As External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar made it abundantly clear in the US last September that India’s credibility will not be decided by newspapers in New York or even Washington, hopefully the Modi government will rise to the challenge. He calls himself a “white left-wing liberal.” Force multipliers during 2024 general elections. The party and the government believe that the Anglo-Saxon left-liberal media will try to create more political controversy in support of PM Modi’s perceived weak political opposition and want a soft government in India in 2024 that mirrors them. don’t show

“India’s old-school political elite as well as the Western media believed that PM Modi’s 2014 victory was a sham and therefore fully supported the purchase of Rafale fighter jets and demonetisation in the 2019 elections, but again Lost. This time the Anglo-Saxons will be out in full force to ensure that PM Modi does not come to power for the third time. We are sure that he will rule with India’s resident left-liberal eco-system. And will throw all the mud at the party to discredit him before the elections. The BBC documentary was the first installment in what will be a series of hit jobs to undermine India ahead of the G-20 and 2024 elections. Ga,” said a senior government and party worker.

While British Prime Minister Rishi Shankar dismissed a BBC documentary by a Pakistani-born British MP in Parliament, the Modi government knows Britain is still under the illusion of a global power player and the subcontinent. Interferes with India and Pakistan. of the Imperial Raj. The British Deep State’s support of Sikh separatist groups in the UK is common knowledge in Indian national security circles. And India could not forget the British role in the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, throwing the rights of Afghan minorities, especially women, under the bus.

The BBC’s use of former foreign secretary Jack Straw to once again raise the issue of the Gujarat riots is not surprising as the former diplomat represents Blackburn, which has the largest Muslim population in the UK. One of them, a large part of them were from Mirpur. In Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, it is the same jack-of-all-trades that almost led India to war with Pakistan after the 2001 attack on Parliament by Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists and the horrific massacre of women and children by Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists. tried to impose as a peacemaker. Kaluchak Army Camp in Jammu in May 2002. Despite the burning of innocents alive by Pakistani terrorists at the Kaluchak camp, Straw played the role of an American chorus boy, preaching diplomacy and dialogue to India without bringing Pakistan’s then military dictator Pervez Musharraf to justice. . Declaring the Islamic Republic a terrorist state.

“The western left’s liberal resentment against the new India is that it doesn’t take unsolicited advice from a third country on the war in Ukraine or Pakistan or the Covid vaccine or talks with China. For Modi, India comes first. ,” said a Union Cabinet minister.


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