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‘No task is too small or too big’: Delhi woman starts small, wants to take on Chow

World NewsIndia News'No task is too small or too big': Delhi woman starts small, wants to take on Chow

A cup of chai is a welcome treat in Delhi’s winter season. A few days ago, an army veteran – Brigadier Sanjay Khanna – served his cup with some enthusiasm when he met Shramastha Ghosh who runs her own tea stall in the national capital. In a time and age when entrepreneurial ambitions are encouraged, Ghosh – a post-graduate in English – is chasing a big dream of competing with the popular brand Chaayos, a tea stall owned by Brigadier Khanna. Shared after learning the inspiring story.

“I was amazed to see a smart English speaking lady running this small chai (tea) stall on wheels (popularly – ‘Raydee’),” he wrote in a LinkedIn post. No task is too small. Or too big, but one must dream big.” Ghosh “also worked at the British Council Library until he left to pursue his dream,” he highlighted.

“One of her friends, Bhavana Rao – works with Lufthansa – is also a joint partner in running this small tea stall. Moreover, she is now providing extra wages for her household work because He employs him. They get together in the evening. And work from small makeshift structures and go back,” explained Brigadier Khanna.

“One must have the passion and integrity to work to make one’s dream come true. I have met many highly qualified youths who are desperate and looking for a suitable job of professional stature. The message goes out. To them,” he further insisted.

While many young people complain of being stuck in jobs that don’t fulfill them, Ghosh’s story works


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