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Nora Fathi took money from me to buy house for family in Morocco: Skish Chandrasekhar reacts to actor’s claims

Entertainment NewsNora Fathi took money from me to buy house for family in Morocco: Skish Chandrasekhar reacts to actor's claims

After the actor and dancer Nora Fathi. She said that alleged criminal Skish Chandrasekhar promised her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle on the condition that she be his girlfriend. Paid money for. Noora Fathi recently recorded new statements regarding her alleged involvement. 215 crore extortion case with Skish Chandrasekhar. Apart from Nora, Jacqueline Fernandez is also involved in this case. Also read: Sukesh Chandrasekhar promised me a big house and a luxurious lifestyle if I agreed to be his girlfriend: Nora Fatehi told court

In a recent statement to the media, Skish said, “Today she (Nora) is talking to me about pledging her house, but she has already bought a house for her family in Casablanca, Morocco. has taken a huge amount of money from me, this is all new. The stories he made up to evade the law after the ED statement 9 months ago.

Nora allegedly said in her statement to the court in the extortion case that Skish had promised her ‘a big house and a luxurious lifestyle’ if she agreed to be his girlfriend. Nora said the alleged culprit ‘asked her for undue favors’ through her close associate Pinky Irani.

Reacting to all the new and old claims, Skish added, “Nora’s claim that she didn’t want the car, or that she didn’t take it for herself, is a big lie, because she is the most important part of my life. It was later that his car had to be changed. As the ‘CLA’ seemed too cheap, so then I and his selected car I gave him, and the chats and screenshots are great with ED. , so no lie, in fact I wanted to give her a Range Rover, but since the car was not available in stock she wanted it immediately, I gave her a BMW S Series, which she used for quite some time. As she was a non-Indian, she asked me to register it. Her best friend’s husband’s name was Bobby. Me and Nora never had any professional dealings, except as she claims. Once she attended an event organized by Meri Anaksha Foundation, for which her agency was officially paid.

Skish also said that he is in a ‘serious relationship’ with her. Jacqueline Fernandez. He also claimed that it was Nora who was jealous of Jacqueline. Nora and Jacqueline are currently locked in a legal battle after Nora filed a defamation suit against the circus performer.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s Patiala House Court on Monday adjourned arguments in the alleged money laundering case. The court has also allowed immunity filed by Jacqueline from personal appearance in the court. The court will next hear the matter on February 15.


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