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Nora used to call me 10 times a day, I used to date Jacqueline: Squish’s statement

World NewsIndia NewsNora used to call me 10 times a day, I used to date Jacqueline: Squish's statement

As Nora Fathi. And Jacqueline Fernandez There are closed horns in relation to 200 crore money laundering case related to alleged culprit Skish Chandrasekhar, Skish claimed on Saturday that he was in a relationship with Jacqueline and that Nora was jealous of Jacqueline. Nora used to call Sukesh 10 times a day and Sukesh started dating Jacqueline. “I started avoiding Nora but she kept bothering me,” Skesh said in a press statement issued by his lawyers Anant Malik and AK Singh, as reported by ANI.

Women who meet Sukesh Chandrasekhar describe their idyllic life in Tihar Jail: Police

This statement came out when Noora Fathi said in her latest statement that Skish had promised her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle if she agreed to be his girlfriend.

The statement says that Nora Fathi brainwashed Sukesh against Jacqueline so that Sukesh left Jacqueline and started dating Nora. Nora was asking Skish to help set up a music production company for one of her relatives. Sukesh claimed that she used to send Sukesh pictures of expensive bags and jewelery that she wanted. “Ask her to present a bill for the Hermès bags she owns, she could never make out as she doesn’t have them. The bags cost more than that.” 2 crore,” the statement said.

Stating that he respects all women and hence will not post the screenshots of the chat to kill her character, Skish said that the allegations leveled against Jacqueline by Nora are fabricated.

Nora Fathi vs Jacqueline Fernandez

Nora Fathi has filed a criminal complaint against Jacqueline Fernandez for allegedly defaming her by dragging her name in the squash case. A Delhi court is likely to hear the case on March 25. Nora Fatehi said in her complaint that her reputation was tarnished because of Jacqueline who was “manifestly threatened” by Nora Fatehi’s Bollywood career. Nora said that she spoke to Skish only once when Skish’s wife Leena Maria Paul spoke to Skish on speakerphone at an event in Chennai. At the event, Nora was gifted an iPhone and a Gucci bag by Lena.

‘Skash made my life hell’: Jacqueline

In his latest statement Jacqueline Fernandez told the court that she was misled by Skish who played with her emotions and ruined her career. Skish used to call him at least three times a day from jail and never mentioned that he was in jail.

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