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Pathan: Why is Dimple Kapadia the real boss in Shah Rukh Khan’s film?

Entertainment NewsPathan: Why is Dimple Kapadia the real boss in Shah Rukh Khan's film?

She was never defined by the usual confines of Hindi film heroines and her latest role in Pathan also makes it so. Dimple Kapadia Shah Rukh, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Ashutosh Rana. (Also Read: Alia Bhatt on Dimple Kapadia’s 2.5 Second Role in Brahmastra)

Dimple Kapadia plays Shah Rukh Khan’s boss in his recent film Pathan and is a hero for many other reasons as well. Shah Rukh plays an ex-RAW agent who is part of a special unit (the hilariously titled JOCR), and Dimple is the senior officer he reports to. Nandini (Dimple) may also have been the patron saint of Pathans. By Siddhartha Ananda Pathan Not Dimple’s movie, and not her best. Nevertheless, this is one of his best performances in a Hindi film in recent times.

Nandini is a real woman – one who is in charge of her team at work and knows her job well. There are no unrealistic layers of stereotypical sacrifice, sexuality, or meanness to her character. A small sequence, right at the beginning, also establishes that he has a family to go back to, but not one that makes him second-guess his decisions.

Acting out performances is nothing new for Dimple and a well-etched character only adds to the beauty of her endeavours. Standing tall opposite an artist like Ashutosh Rana, Dimple’s performance through the film is impressive.

Dimple’s swing, perhaps reinterpreted with her Hollywood debut (Christopher Nolan’s Tenet), is put to good use in Pathan. Her Hindi films after Tent (A Thursday, and Brahmastra Part One Shiva) also portrayed her as an older and confident woman but not as beautiful as Pathan does.

Yash Raj Films’ “Spy Universe” featured as a spy thriller, starring Pathan (Shah Rukh Khan as Pathan) and John Abraham (as Jim) and his friends to save India and its citizens. is the story of his efforts. Try your best to invade different parts of the country.

The Pathan story is nothing new and quite predictable. Often there are twists and turns that rationality cannot decide. Nevertheless, the film has all the elements of a typical “fun, masala” film – comedy, romance, thrills, and whistle-blowing moments (not limited to Salman Khan’s cameo) – packed well.

After making Raj Kapoor’s Bobby-like thriller in 1973 at the age of 16, Dimple Kapadia’s entry into Hindi films and her first few roles were mostly about her beauty and sex appeal. She was one of the most confident people of the era, putting her sexuality to good use. Movies like Janbaaz and Sagar were popular among the audience who loved to watch Dimple’s sensational avatar.

With roles like Megha Dixit aka Kalamwalibai (Kranti Veer, 1994) and Karan Dutt (Wounded Woman, 1988), she has largely forged her own path and empowered women on screen, even in commercials and masalas. Even in movies. Her 90s stint was also defined by the choices she made in unconventional films like Rudali and Andreen.

It was only in the late 90s and early 2000s that she began to choose lesser roles, and she redefined the portrayal of older women on screen. From Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny and Being Sirs to Somnath Sen’s Leela, Dimple chose rare roles that gave women the opportunity to rebel against society’s norms and live their own lives. It is nice to see him making good choices even in his second innings in Bollywood.

Dimple Kapadia (T) Shah Rukh Khan (T) Deepika Padukone (T) Phan


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