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‘Pressure to find scapegoat’: Air India pilots dead body over Shankar Mishra case

World NewsIndia News'Pressure to find scapegoat': Air India pilots dead body over Shankar Mishra case

As the Directorate General of Civil Aviation suspended the license of the pilot-in-command of the New York-New Delhi flight after Shankar Mishra drunkenly urinated on an elderly passenger, the Air India pilot’s body against him. Considering legal options. The decision, a member told news agency PTI. The pilot acted quickly and discreetly and only then did the incident be reported to the authorities, the member alleged, adding that there was “a lot of pressure to find a scapegoat in the whole thing”.

Read on Emails show that Air India’s top executives were aware of the incident hours after the flight.

DGCA imposed fine. 30 lakhs on Air India, 3 lakh fine on the director of the airline’s light services and suspended the pilot-in-command license for three months. “All this has been reported to the company at this point. If after all this you still feel that the pilot did not work, we need to understand what you are talking about and why you are doing it,” said Pilots. guilty”. ‘ said the body member.

Read on Shankar Mishra’s lawyers say 9B was not a seat, Air India was ‘photographing’ things.

The urinating incident took place on November 26 and was reported in the media almost a month after the elderly woman wrote to Air India officials. Accused Shankar Mishra was arrested on January 6 and has not been granted bail in the case. While his lawyers claimed he did not urinate on the complainant, there is now a parallel dispute over whether there was ‘dereliction of duty’.

Email exchanges revealed that Air India’s senior management, including its chairman and managing director Campbell Wilson, was informed about the incident two hours after the incident.

Air India in its internal report held Shankar Mishra responsible for the incident and banned him from flying on Air India for four months.

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