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Prince Harry recalls Meghan Markle’s 7-word retort to William amid meeting

World NewsPrince Harry recalls Meghan Markle’s 7-word retort to William amid meeting

After Meghan Markle’s comments on Kate Middleton, Prince William and her came face-to-face. Prince Harry described his memoir in Spears.. The encounter is among moments detailed in Prince Harry’s memoir Spear, in which the Duke of Sussex claims his wife asked Prince William to remove his finger from his face during a heated argument.

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Recalling the incident, Prince Harry wrote that Kate Middleton asked Meghan Markle to apologize for hurting his feelings. After his wife said she was unaware of what Kate was saying, the latter had a phone conversation where Meghan Markle commented on Kate’s hormones. In the phone call, the couple discussed wedding rehearsal times.

“Meg said: ‘Oh yes! I remember: you don’t remember anything, and I said it’s no big deal, it’s the baby’s brain. Because you’ve just had a baby. It’s the hormones. ,” recalls Prince Harry.

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“Kate’s eyes widen: ‘Yeah. You talked about my hormones. We’re not close enough for you to talk about my hormones!’ Meg’s eyes widened as well. She looked genuinely confused. ‘I’m sorry I talked about your hormones. That’s how I talk to my girlfriends,'” he added. . Prince Harry Then claimed that Prince William stepped in and “pointed at Meg”.

“‘That’s rude, Meghan. That’s not what’s done here in Britain,'” Prince William reportedly said.

To which Meghan Markle responded, “Please get your finger out of my face.”

“Was this really happening? Did it really come to that? Yelling at each other about place cards and hormones? Meg said she would never do anything to hurt Kate on purpose. , and if he ever does, he asks Kate to please tell him so it doesn’t happen again,” Prince Harry then wrote.


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