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Priyanka Chaudhary got into an ugly fight with Shiv Thackeray in Bigg Boss 16.

Entertainment NewsPriyanka Chaudhary got into an ugly fight with Shiv Thackeray in Bigg Boss 16.

There was a heated discussion between Bigg Boss 16 Contestants Priyanka Chaudhary and Shiv Thackeray inside the house. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, ColorsTV posted a short clip of the duo shouting at each other. Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates that if they want Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia to give up the captaincy and leave the ticket to the finals, they have to remove the rings from her board. Shiv, Sambal Tauqeer Khan and MC Stein came to support their friend Nimrat. Shiv did not agree with what Priyanka said against Nimrat, while calling her a ‘false person’. (Also read: (Tina Dutta Says Shalin Bhanot Didn’t Respect His Wife, Questions Her Role In Bigg Boss Clash)

The channel shared the promo on its social media handles with the caption, “Nimrit’s captaincy questioned, will she lose her #TicketToFinaleWeek?” will be done)?

The promo starts with Bigg Boss saying, “You all have to discuss Das Rings to get Nimrat out of the captaincy and ticket to the final week (You all have to discuss whether you want Nimrat Relinquish the captaincy and ticket to the final week). Tina Dutta said, “Kokodo baja hai kya bar (rooster sound played a couple of times).” Archana Gautham can be heard saying, ‘ “The bathroom wasn’t cleaned yesterday (the washroom was left unclean yesterday). Immediately, Shiv said that he got Archana’s point but not Tina’s. “People slept here before lights off,” said Priyanka. are gone (people are already asleep before the lights are switched off).Shiv says Nimrat can’t keep her eyes open all the time to keep an eye on everyone.

After a few moments, she said, “Shiv aap just keep being friendly, we play our game, ticket to finals week won’t be so easy for anyone (Shiv aap keep supporting my friends, I will play my game, finals week) won the ticket” may not be so easy for everyone). Priyanka approaches Sambal to remove the rings from the wall.

Priyanka tells Shiv, “Not your Tara who talks bad about girls (I’m not like you, who talk bad about women).” The two of them came face to face, and Shiva said, “Larkyu pe tu jai ho (you talk about women).” He continued and told her, “You keep spoons, you don’t keep friends (you keep people who please you and do what you say, you don’t keep friends.” ).” Priyanka shouted, “Liar man, liar man (You are a liar, you are a liar).” The MC told Priyanka, “Take out your words, khel mut khelo (Shall I reveal what you said, don’t play with us)?”

Reacting to the clip, one person commented, “Priyanka is always ready to win.” Another fan commented, “Shiv Thackeray is only supporting valid points which is Archana’s point.. Also Mandali has set the bar of loyalty so high. She is not selfish like others. Another fan wrote. , “Kani garigi Priyanka (What level will Priyanka stoop to)?” “Priyanka bang on yaar, bandi akili khalis mandali pa bhaa (Priyanka rocked, she handled the whole group single-handedly).”


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