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Puducherry: Schoolboy fills crater after grandfather fractured in accident.

World NewsIndia NewsPuducherry: Schoolboy fills crater after grandfather fractured in accident.

An 8th grade student in Puducherry, so moved by the deplorable condition of the roads in his locality that injured his grandfather after falling off his bike, decided to fix things himself by filling the pothole. As a result, this accident happened.

After his grandfather, a farmer, fell off his motorcycle after hitting a pothole a few days ago and ended up in hospital with a fracture, 13-year-old Masilmani strewn sand, gravel and other debris at various locations in his village. Materials collected. After mixing them with cement, they filled potholes and other damaged road sections at Sandanatham in neighboring Vallianur.

“I wish no one gets into an accident and gets injured like my grandfather,” he said while receiving a copy of a book from former legislator Vayapuri Manikandan in appreciation of the young man’s gesture.

The boy’s neighbors congratulated him and offered shawls. A resident of the village, after meeting the boy, said that the Puducherry-Puthuknu road has been in a bad condition for the past seven years and nothing has been done to restore the road.


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