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Rakhi Sawant Says Salman Khan Called Adil Khan Durrani After Their Marriage News Came Out: Bhai Na Mera Ghar Basa Diya

Entertainment NewsRakhi Sawant Says Salman Khan Called Adil Khan Durrani After Their Marriage News Came Out: Bhai Na Mera Ghar Basa Diya

Actress Rakhi Sawant has said that her ‘brother’ and actor… Salman Khan She called her husband businessman Adil Khan Durrani and saved her marriage. On Monday, Rakhi and her Adil spoke to the paparazzi. During the conversation, Adil said that he had a ‘situation’ and needed time to announce his marriage. Rakhi Sawant. A video of the couple was shared on Instagram. (Also read | Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani finally confirmed the marriage.)

Talking to the paparazzi, Rakhi said, “Bhai (Salman) loves him a lot, he has even met him, he must have called him. He has also met my brother, of course he got my brother’s call.

He added, “Bhai ke hona hai yeh mana ki kanye kya then shaadi ka? Bhai ke call will come then bhi to ho hai na kuch (with brother around you, do you think she is Salman’s sister?”) could refuse the marriage? Something could have happened? After my brother’s call).

When the paparazzi asked Adil about Salman, he said, “He’s very nice, he’s polite, he told me some things, I said ok, nothing like that.” Rakhi added, ” Mera Bhai Salman Mera Ghar Basa Diya (My brother Salman helped me settle down).” Reacting to the video, one person commented, “@beingsalmankhan such a gentleman.” Another fan wrote, “ Salman (red heart emoji)”.

Earlier, Adil officially confirmed his marriage with Rakhi. Taking to Instagram on Monday, Adil shared a picture. He captioned the post, “So finally this is an announcement, I never said I didn’t marry Rakhi. Just had to take care of some things, so had to keep quiet, Rakhi (Papudi) for us.” Happy married life”. Rakhi commented, “Thank you John so much love.”

Recently, Rakhi posted on her Instagram that she is getting married to Adil in 2022. She also shared a picture of her marriage certificate which shows that the marriage took place on May 29 last year. Ever since Rakhi broke the news of her marriage on social media, several reports surfaced claiming that Adil has refused to marry Rakhi.

Rakhi Sawant was previously married to Ritesh Raj. The two even appeared together in the reality show Bigg Boss 15 hosted by Salman Khan. Rakhi broke up with her boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi a few years ago.

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