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Rashmika Mandana on hating trolls: ‘Don’t abuse, it’s mentally affecting…’

Entertainment NewsRashmika Mandana on hating trolls: 'Don't abuse, it's mentally affecting...'

Actor Rashmika Mandana, who was recently seen in Mission Majnoo, has opened up about the hate she has been getting from trolls for the past few months. In a new interview, Rashmika spoke about the trolls that she has faced in everything she has done in life. She added that they are willing to listen if they communicate properly but she says that when they are abusive, it takes a toll on the mind. Also read: Mission Majnu Twitter Review: Siddharth Malhotra-Rashmika Mandana film wins over fans: ‘Deserves a theatrical release’

In an interview, Rashmika was asked whether she wants to give up everything despite her success and fame. The actor said the thought crossed his mind ‘sometimes’.

Speaking to Prema The Journalist on her YouTube channel, Rashmika said, “People are having problems with my body. If I exercise a lot, I look like a man. If I don’t exercise much So I’m very fat. If I talk too much, it’s too creepy. If I don’t talk at all, oh, that’s the attitude. I’m the way people breathe and breathe with me. That would be a problem. So what do you want me to do? Should I leave? Should I stay?” she said.

Rashmika said she would listen to people if they told her clearly what they wanted to change about themselves. “If you’re not giving an explanation and saying all of this at the same time, what am I supposed to do? Give me an explanation. If you have a problem with me, tell me what your problem is. You have this problem. Why? Don’t be rude. Some of the words and phrases they use are affecting some of us mentally,” he added.

Several people sympathized with Rashmika in the comments section. Many of them said that she did not deserve this kind of hateful treatment. One user wrote: “I don’t understand why you all bother celebs then get mad when they respond. At the end of the day, they are still human and have feelings like us! You No one deserves this hate. Big hugs, Rashmika (sic).

Another user wrote: “Audience should also be responsible. Mental health is very important (sic). Some users advised him to ignore the negativity and just focus on his work. He explained that There is no point in stressing over such matters.

Rashmika was recently seen in the Tamil film Vaarisu, opposite actor Vijay. This was his second Tamil project.



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