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Raveena Tandon wants to highlight women’s protection at W20: Our laws support women, but they are often not implemented

Entertainment NewsRaveena Tandon wants to highlight women's protection at W20: Our laws support women, but they are often not implemented

Actor Raveena Tandon is honored to be the first participant from the entertainment industry to be a delegate at W20, and admits that the role carries a lot of responsibility to be a voice for women and address all concerns. Comes with

Tandon has been selected by the ministry as a delegate to W20, the women’s empowerment wing under the G20 India Presidency.

“It comes with a lot of responsibility. At the summit, we have to bring to the fore the issues faced by women in all fields and sectors, from the entertainment industry to the corporate sector, to grassroots fieldwork. So, as well as There is also an added responsibility,” admits Tandon.

Women 20 (W20) is an official G20 engagement group, established in 2015 during Turkey’s presidency. The aim is to ensure that gender considerations are mainstreamed into G20 discussions and translated into G20 Leaders’ Declarations as policies and commitments that promote gender. Equality and economic empowerment of women.

In fact, the 48-year-old is proud to take on the additional responsibility, and hopes to allay all concerns.

“First of all, I am very proud to have been born in India, which offers countless opportunities to women. In our country, from being a truck driver to being a pilot to working in the army or air force, in the fields. , to working on the railways, to even being a bus driver, the glass ceiling for women has been broken. Women are actually making progress. I am very, very proud to live in a country where women gives that kind of freedom and that kind of opportunity,” asserts the actor, who has been working tirelessly for the girl child, with various organizations such as UNICEF, KRAI, etc. White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Spina Bifida Association and Smile Foundation.

Giving words to her feelings, the KGF actress shares, “There is no barrier to sex, you can only decide and choose your career options. These are the important things we need to highlight. is, along with the problems and issues that women face in various careers.

For Tandon, who was recently announced as Maharashtra’s wildlife goodwill ambassador, the issue she wants to highlight at the summit is safety measures for women.

“We also need to highlight safeguards for them. Highlight the fact that as far as our laws are concerned, there is a lot of fast tracking (required). Because our laws in India are very supportive of women, But most of the time they are not implemented or justice is not given on time. So I would like to highlight these points,” says the actress, who feels that the summit will “empower women and give them their full potential. It is a great opportunity to provide more rights for social and economic participation”.

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