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Republic Day 2023: Telangana Governor hoists tricolor at Raj Bhavan, CMKCR skips function

World NewsIndia NewsRepublic Day 2023: Telangana Governor hoists tricolor at Raj Bhavan, CMKCR skips function

Amid differences between the Telangana government and the Raj Bhavan over protocol and other issues, Governor Tamalai Soundararajan on Thursday said she will work for the people of the state even though some may not like her.

She was speaking after unfurling the national flag at Raj Bhavan. Republic Day Celebrations.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao did not attend the function.

Speaking on the occasion, she emphasized on upholding and protecting the rights and respect of Telangana and democracy in the state and said that she will work for the people even though some people may not like her.

“My attachment to Telangana is not three years old. It comes from birth. My role in the development of the people of Telangana will definitely remain. My greatest strength is hard work, honesty and love. Some people like me. Can’t. But, I like to. People of Telangana, that’s why, I will work hard no matter how hard it is,” she said.

Quoting BR Ambedkar who said that there should not be a class that enjoys all the privileges and a class that has to bear all the burdens, he said that the fruits of development should reach all.

He said that development does not mean a few farm houses but all farmers have farms and houses.

He said, “New buildings are not only for development. Nation building is for development. All farmers and backward people should have farms and houses. Some should not have farmhouses. This is not development. ” They said.

He said that everyone should have an equal share in development.

He said that India is a young country where more than 60 percent of people are youth.

According to statistics, witnessing 22 suicides every day in Telangana, he appealed to the youth to face the challenges of life with courage.

“But, when we present all our positive aspects, we have to think about the stressful situation in Telangana. According to national statistics, there are 22 suicides in Telangana every day. Approximately, one suicide per hour in Telangana. I am. I appeal to the youth, take courage. Life is challenging. We have to face challenges,” she said.

Referring to India taking over the presidency of the G-20, he urged the youth of Telangana to participate in the G-20 conferences.

He said that Hyderabad has been rapidly emerging as an important symbol of the country’s modern growth and development with its strong presence in science and technology in the last few decades.

He lauded the innovators, entrepreneurs, IT professionals and institutions for ensuring a bright spot for the city globally.

The Governor also appreciated the passion of farmers to transform the agricultural landscape in Telangana.

Noting that Telangana is also witnessing massive expansion of national highways, he thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allocating the state a lion’s share in the sector.

He also expressed happiness over the recent launch of the Vande Bharat train between Secunderabad here and Visakhapatnam in neighboring Andhra Pradesh by PM Modi.

He said that this strengthens the connection between Telangana and AP.

He said that the locally manufactured Vande Bharat train is the true symbol of Atma Narbhar Bharat.

Sundararajan also spoke about Raj Bhavan’s initiatives to improve the nutritional status of tribals in the state.

On the occasion, the Governor welcomed renowned Telugu music director MM Kirwani whose song from the film ‘RRR’ recently won the Golden Globe Award, lyricist Chandra Bose, table tennis player Akula Sreeja, M Bala Latha who is an IAS. Congratulates the aspirants. K. Lokeshwari (Para Athletics) and Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (NGO).

The Telangana High Court on Wednesday directed the state government to celebrate the Republic Day celebrations with a formal parade as per the directions issued by the central government.

The High Court passed the order after hearing a petition seeking a direction to the government to hold a parade as part of the celebrations.

Counsel for the petitioner argued that earlier the Republic Day was celebrated here at the parade ground in a grand manner and many people used to come to witness the event (which is no longer happening).

The relationship between the Raj Bhavan and the BRS government is not the best with Governor Sundararajan complaining of not following the protocol of his office, while the government has some bills pending with the Governor and his working style. There are concerns about


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