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Rhea Ripley gives final verdict on The Bloodline vs. Justice Day, suggesting a one-on-one against Rey Isterio

FeaturedSports NewsRhea Ripley gives final verdict on The Bloodline vs. Justice Day, suggesting a one-on-one against Rey Isterio

WWE has seen many alliances and the ones that dominate the SmackDown and Raw charts are The Bloodline, led by Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The Judgment Day. They have been ruthless, destroying one Superstar after another, and this has led to debate among fans online as to who is stronger between the two. While they have yet to face each other in the ring, Rhea Ripley, one of the main members of The Judgment Day, has already made her decision.

Rhea was in India last week for the WWE promotion, where she made a bold claim that The Bloodline was not ready for her and her teammates. “I don’t think The Bloodline is ready for us. They’re underestimating us and our abilities. They don’t think we can go to them and be on the same level, and that’s what it’s all about. They will be sorry.

While Rhea may be right, given the powerhouse Judgment Day has shown, taking down The Bloodline won’t be a walk in the park. However, Rhea insists that Judgment Day “has a lot of tricks up its sleeve and they (Bloodline) are going to find out the truth soon.”

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If we only focus on Rhea, the superstar is projected as the toughest member in WWE right now. She goes by the name Eradicator and has been doing just that. The attack on Beth Phoenix, wife of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, is one of many examples. “I’m enjoying every second of it. I’m going out there and I’m just having fun. I’m just being myself and I think you can see that when you see it. You can tell I’m going out there. And I’m just living in the moment, and I think that’s one of the good things about what I’m doing right now.

“Also, I step in there with the men and I show them that we women are strong and we can handle ourselves. So it’s a nice evolution for the women’s division. But I’m all for it. Enjoying one second, and I want to see how far I can push it,” said Rhea as she reflects on her current run on Raw.

Aside from her brute strength, another storyline that has left fans reeling is Rhea’s chemistry with Dominic Mysterio, who is Rey’s son and a member of The Judgment Day. “Dom, my chemistry with Dom; it just kind of clicked. We didn’t really talk much before I showed him the light, and I showed him his potential without his dad. It’s funny how our relationship started, I was targeting him for a while because I thought he was weak, but then he took out Edge, took out Rey, and just made his choice. Showed us all how strong he really is. Way out and stepping out of his dad’s shadow, that’s what we really wanted to see from him. So watching him grow every week is my highlight and he’s giving me every Monday. is proud

“Our chemistry just kept growing and growing and growing, and it’s what you see today. It was just meant to be,” she said.

Rhea, who looks to be featured in the Men’s Royal Rumble, also expressed her desire to compete against Dominic’s father and WWE legend Rey Mysterio. “I would love to step in the ring with Beth Phoenix if she comes back after I’m out. If she comes back to WWE and comes back in the ring, I’d love to step in the ring with her and a Match and get it out again. But other than that, I’m always down to throw the Ray Stereo around as well.

“I’m down for it. We’ll see if it sells that way. We’ll see if he’s down for it. But if he’s not, that means he’s a little chicken, Right?”

Rhea will be one of the top contenders participating in the Women’s Royal Rumble and is confident of finishing as the last member standing in the ring. “The goal is to win the Royal Rumble. I’ve had matches with everyone I know that’s going to be in it. Of course there’s going to be wild cards and I don’t know who they’re going to be, but I Ready to win it. I don’t care what number I come in. I’m going to make it to the end and I’m going to knock everybody out. I’m going to get my golden ticket to WrestleMania. .

“I would fight either Charlotte or Bianca or whoever is the champion at the moment,” he signed off.

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