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Richa Chadha: The trauma of Covid-19 can only ever be superficially forgotten.

Entertainment NewsRicha Chadha: The trauma of Covid-19 can only ever be superficially forgotten.

Richa Chadha is revisiting all her memories from the second wave of the Covid-19 crisis for her next project, admitting that the trauma of that time can never be suppressed or forgotten. The actor has started shooting for her next, untitled film, in which she will be seen playing the role of a frontline worker.

Chadha’s next film is based on the inspiring true stories of the second wave of the Covid-19 crisis and its impact in India. She will be seen in the role of a frontline worker in the untitled film, and has already started shooting for it.

“The film is based on real events that we all witnessed during the second wave of Covid-19. Where there was loss and despair, there was also hope. In fact, I was so moved by the kindness of strangers that I started Kindry. What, a small social media initiative that only amplified the stories of goodness, selflessness through the second wave,” says Chadha, “The film takes a hard look at all things. Our lives during the pandemic, where we humans Feared to happen, there was enforced and mandatory distancing. It speaks volumes about the doctors and nurses who were selflessly doing their jobs.

In fact, the actor feels that the film offers him something new. “I don’t think it’s a question of importance, anyone who is able to read the lines of this interview can also remember the terrible time we all experienced two years ago. It was all too recent. And that kind of loss, grief and trauma can only ever be superficially forgotten,” says the actor.

For him, it was not a challenging part, but a more emotional part. “I think it was a very emotional part for me. I felt the pain of the loss from my people and I relived it to put my heart into the part,” she says. Haven’t seen the movie but I think the filmmakers will try to show it. The best thing humanity has gone through, which was a silver lining in those terrible days.”

Apart from the Abhishek Acharya-directed film, they have also wrapped up the shooting of Girlsville Girls, their first joint home production.

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