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Salmonella exposure linked to colon cancer: study

Health & FitnessSalmonella exposure linked to colon cancer: study

ANI | | Posted by Taptrisha Das.Chicago

Linked to a recent study Colon cancer risk and exposure to Salmonella bacteria.

The results of the study were published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine.

Salmonella infection was linked to colon cancer that started earlier and spread more widely, according to the researchers, who included a team led by Jon Sun from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The researchers examined human colon cancer tissue samples and animal models.

The study authors first looked at data from a Dutch-based retrospective study of colon cancer patients that found Tissue samples Those taken with Salmonella antibodies during routine colon cancer surgery tend to have poor colon cancer outcomes.

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Using Salmonella strains isolated from these tissue samples, Suraj and his US-based team studied mice with colon cancer that were exposed to the bacteria. They observed accelerated tumor growth and larger tumors in mice exposed to Salmonella. They also found that the migration of Salmonella into the tumor increased.

“During infection, Salmonella hijacks essential host signaling pathways, and this molecular manipulation can cause oncogenic transformation. The current study tells us that Salmonella exposure and colon cancer risk in the US More research is needed on the relationship between, and that simply by practicing safe food preparation, we can potentially help protect ourselves,” said Sun, the UIC professor of medicine.

Soorge’s colleagues in the Netherlands also studied the bacteria in vitro. They mixed human cancer cells and pre-cancerous cells with strains of Salmonella in the lab and measured any growth or changes in the tumors. They found that even a single infection led to transformation and that each Salmonella infection increased the rate of cell transformation exponentially.

“Mouse and tissue culture experiments showed that Salmonella infection had a chronic effect to accelerate tumor growth,” said Sun, who is also a member of the University of Illinois Cancer Center at UIC. “This evidence tells us that we need to take a closer look at Salmonella exposure as an environmental risk factor for chronic diseases, such as colon cancer.”

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