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Shikhar Kapur questions Churchill amid furore over documentary on PM

World NewsIndia NewsShikhar Kapur questions Churchill amid furore over documentary on PM

Amid furor over a BBC documentary Prime Minister Narendra Modi, filmmaker Shikhar Kapur questions British leader Winston Churchill, who is remembered for his mixed legacy. Churchill who served the country as its Prime Minister during a very difficult time – when World War II was going on – is also remembered for his hateful comments about India and Indians. When India was about to get independence, he had said: “Power will fall into the hands of scoundrels, scoundrels, free-eaters. All Indian leaders will be incompetent and straw men. Their tongues will be sweet and their hearts foolish. They will fight each other for power and India will be lost in political strife. A day will come when even air and water will be taxed in India.

Now that a lot is being said about it. of the BBC After the release of the first part of the two-part documentary – “India: The Modi Question” – Shekhar Kapur questioned whether Churchill’s life could also be documented. “I wonder if the BBC ever had the guts to tell the truth about Britain’s most beloved icon, Winston Churchill. Largely responsible for the Bengal famine, which left millions starving and There were deaths. The first person to drop chemical bombs on these tribesmen. ‘Kurds,’ Shikhar Kapur wrote in a tweet.

Many social media users have raised this question in the past few days. The BBC has revisited Churchill’s life several times, including “Winston Churchill: Hero or Villain?”.

Earlier this week, UK PM Rishi Shankar also said he did not agree with all the characterizations of PM Modi on the BBC show, which is linked to the Gujarat riots two decades ago when he was chief minister. were

The Foreign Ministry has dismissed it as “part of propaganda” while several social media sites have been asked to remove relevant content from the government. Meanwhile, the opposition is targeting the Center alleging censorship.

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