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Shilpa Shetty starts her Monday workout with belly dancing, impressing sister Shamita Shetty. Watch

Entertainment NewsShilpa Shetty starts her Monday workout with belly dancing, impressing sister Shamita Shetty. Watch

Shilpa Shetty shared a clip of her workout on Instagram on Monday. In the clip, she can be seen doing belly dance. His strength and flexibility inspired many fans. Fans called Shilpa ‘fit’ in the comments section. He also wrote a long note explaining the benefits of belly dancing and how to perform it. He also asked his fans ‘how does their foot feel’. (Also read: Anushka Sharma shared a glimpse of her yoga poses in daughter Wamika’s room. Fans call it ‘super flexible’. (see image)

In the video, she was wearing a yellow crop top and yoga pants and was barefoot. He raised both his arms, and did a slow abdominal movement with the gym equipment in the background. She was all smiles as she posed for the camera. She also included a belly dance workout song with the video.

Sharing a belly dance workout video on Instagram, Shilpa wrote, “Everything in life deserves a jolt or nudge, at regular intervals. My #MondayMotivation is no different. Today’s routine includes belly dance moves, which works from the inside out. Our core consists of the pelvis, lower back, glutes, and abdominal muscles. This belly dance move provides basic training for strength and shape.

He explained how to belly dance, and wrote, “How to do it: With one leg straight, place the foot flat on the floor, lift the heel of the other leg without bending at the knee, and then draw an outward circle with it. Your hips. Repeat on the other side and work alternately (imagine drawing an infinity sign).

She added, “Once you’ve mastered this movement, you can perform a mix of slow and fast movements to challenge your core. Belly dance also helps in learning how to control the core. Helps and works the deep abdominal muscles. Different from the norm, isn’t it? How’s your foot feeling? Let me know in the comments below.” He used ‘Soast Raho Mast Raho’, ‘Fit India Movement’, ‘SS App’, ‘Sada Rohani’, ‘Belly Dance’, ‘Home Workout’, ‘Fit India’ and ‘Fitness’ as hashtags. used.

His actor sister Shamita Shetty left heart emojis in response to the post. “Yes (fire emoji),” wrote celebrity fitness coach Yashmin Chauhan. Reacting to the clip, one of Shilpa’s fans commented, “Hey Shilpa! Teach us this flick too.” The moves look cute). Another fan commented, “Amazing, you’re so fit Touchwood (red heart emojis).”

“Thank you ma’am, this is a great guide for beginners who want to learn belly dance,” wrote one fan. “My Monday hasn’t started yet because it’s 11:45pm on a Sunday here in New Jersey. I’m ready for it anyway,” wrote one. “Wow, amazing”, added another. Many fans left heart emojis on the video.

Fans will now see Shilpa in filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s first web series Indian Police Force. It will be her OTT debut, alongside actor Siddharth Malhotra. The show will also star Vivek Oberoi. The official release date of the series will be announced soon. He also has a movie called Sukhi in Pipeline.

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