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Should you drink hot water or room temperature water? What does Ayurveda say?

Health & FitnessShould you drink hot water or room temperature water? What does Ayurveda say?

Drinking water Adequate intake can help improve many aspects of our health. From Blood pressure For regulation, weight management, better energy levels, digestion for skin and hair health, water plays an integral part in our overall health. To sum it up, i Ayurveda, water is considered to be ‘jeona’ (living), ‘tarpan’ (to be satisfied), ‘haladi’ (gives happiness), ‘amrutopama’ (like nectar). Apart from how much water we should drink, Ayurveda also has recommendations on the right temperature of water as per our current requirement. In some situations, room temperature water may offer more benefits than hot water and vice versa. (Also read: What is the correct way to drink water? (share expert tips)

In her recent Instagram post, Ayurveda expert Dr. Rekha Radhamuni spoke in detail about who should drink what kind of water, quoting the Ashtanga Hardya Sutra Sathan.

Drinking room temperature water is more beneficial than hot water when one is very thirsty or has an illness like food poisoning, says Dr. Radhamuni. Room temperature water, according to Ayurveda, is water that has been boiled and cooled to room temperature.

Rules for drinking water at room temperature

Drink your water at room temperature if:

– After drinking alcohol

– If you are tired, fatigued or dizzy.

– If you are very thirsty.

– If you’ve been out in the sun.

– If you have a bleeding disorder.

– If you have food poisoning.

Hot water has its role and works well in certain situations. According to Ayurveda, drinking hot water relieves symptoms of Kapha dosha and reduces appetite. It also helps in improving digestion and bringing relief in case of cold and cough.

Rules for drinking hot water

According to Dr. Radhamuni, it is best to drink warm water in the following situations:

– If you feel less hungry.

– If your digestive fire is low.

– If you have a sore throat or a sore throat.

– If you have fever, cough, cold.

– If you have aches and pains

– If you have flatulence.

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