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‘Sinister propaganda’: Online petition demands probe into BBC series on PM Modi

World News'Sinister propaganda': Online petition demands probe into BBC series on PM Modi

A new online petition has called for an independent investigation into a “serious breach”. The BBC in its duties as a public broadcaster in the UK on a controversial documentary series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Change.Org calls for ‘independent inquiry into BBC Modi documentary’, which “strongly” condemns the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for failing to meet the “highest standards of editorial impartiality”. It has since garnered over 2,500 signatures. It went online on Sunday night.

The petition, labeled ‘India: The Modi Question’, the first part of which aired last week and the second is due to air on Tuesday, is “sinister propaganda journalism that deliberately misinforms its audience”. .

“We strongly condemn the BBC’s failure to meet the highest standards of editorial impartiality in the two-part documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’.”

“We call on the BBC board to conduct an independent investigation into this serious breach of its duties as a public service broadcaster and to publish the findings in full.”

The petition also calls on the UK’s independent media watchdog – the Office of Communications (OFCOM) – to hold the BBC to account for its “repeated failure to secure the standards of content that license fees pay”. undermines the audience’s confidence to do so” and communicate the necessary Corrections and clarifications with the broadcaster

Arguing for the latest move, petition organizers claim the documentary is “an example of the agenda-driven reporting and institutional bias that now characterizes this globally respected organization”.

Time to air, almost 21 years later, a so-called investigative report that contains nothing new, but only shoehorns old allegations to fit the producer, which in itself is obvious. Speaks the default results. Inexplicably, this comes at a time when the Supreme Court of India, after a lengthy investigation and due process, has fully acquitted Prime Minister Modi of the same charges of involvement in the 2002 riots that he now faces. The BBC wants to pick up after more than two decades. “It reads.

Many signatories echoed similar sentiments, calling it “total propaganda” and condemning the BBC for pursuing a “malicious agenda”.

“The BBC is creating a false narrative against the two-time democratically elected Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. Also, PM Modi was acquitted by the Supreme Court of India,” Lord Rami said. writes Ranger, one of the most vocal British Indian signatories on the issue.

It comes after the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) wrote to BBC News CEO Deborah Terence last week to complain about the broadcaster’s “anti-Hindu bias”.

“This ludicrously ill-advised production and broadcast of a Hindu hate piece may well be the ammunition the thugs need to get out and target Hindus. Does the BBC have no responsibility,” his letter said. I have been questioned.

This follows the Indian government strongly condemning the program as a “propaganda piece” that lacks objectivity.

The BBC has defended the series as “rigorously researched to the highest editorial standards”.


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