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Sitting near emergency exit but won’t open: DMK MP digs at Tejaswi Watch the video

World NewsIndia NewsSitting near emergency exit but won't open: DMK MP digs at Tejaswi Watch the video

DMK MP Dayandhi Maran shot a video from his flight to Coimbatore on Saturday. But the video was meant to make fun of BJP MP Karnanaka. Tejaswi Surya who was in the news on January 10 for ‘opening’ the emergency exit of an IndiGo flight, after which the flight was delayed. Dayandhi Maran in his video said that he has been given a seat near the emergency exit but he will not open the emergency exit as it is dangerous and he will also have to give a written apology. Read on Tejaswi did not open the emergency gate of IndiGo. A traveler blessed him: Annamalai


“I am traveling in an Indigo flight to Coimbatore. I am sitting near the emergency exit. But I will not pull it because it is not good for the flight, not for the passengers; saves a lot of time and I am not sorry.” The letter will have to be written,” Dayandhi said in English and Tamil.

The Tejashwi Surya incident created a political controversy as the Congress attacked the BJP questioning the incident which was reported by Indigo a week after it took place. Civil Aviation Minister Jyotraditya Scindia said it was a mistake and the passenger (Teesjasvi) has apologised.

Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai, who was Tejaswi’s fellow passenger on the IndiGo flight, however, gave a detailed account of what actually happened and said that Tejaswi did not open the emergency exit and the gate was not opened but his was out of place. Tejaswi noticed and informed the staff. After the engineers were informed, they came and fixed the gate but all the passengers were asked to get down to ensure all the checks. Tejaswi filed the incident report and as a responsible MLA, he apologized to the passengers for the delay, Anamalai claimed.

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