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Soha Ali Khan Becomes Superwoman for Midweek Workout, Shares Her Goal

Health & FitnessSoha Ali Khan Becomes Superwoman for Midweek Workout, Shares Her Goal

Soha Ali Khan There is a movement for us. The actor regularly breaks down his fitness routine with snaps on his Instagram profile. From working out at a military level to relaxing and spending slow days with an easy routine, Soha’s fitness routines are varied and very intense. The actor hardly misses a day of his fitness routine. Soha can do her workout anytime and anywhere. Soha’s living room is her fitness arena, and she is often seen performing squats in the stairwell of her home, turning it into her workout area. Most of the time, Soha’s fitness routines are not for the faint of heart, and she keeps serving us. A regular dose of inspiration Stop being lazy and start taking care of your health.

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Soha, a day ago, shared one Short video compilation Her mid-week workout routine. The actor started with Fitness High on Tuesday under the supervision of his fitness trainer Mahesh. In the video, Soha can be seen closing the door to prevent her fitness trainer from entering. Then in the later part of the video, the actor can be seen doing various fitness routines. From using dumbbells as props for squats, to sharing variations on how to perform a variety of bench crunches, to performing a balanced, one-handed handstand on yoga bricks, when fitness When it comes down to it, Soha is clearly superwoman. Along with the video, Soha shared the caption – “Aim to be strong enough to keep Mahesh out next time.” LOL. Take a look at her routine here.:

Soha routine comes with numerous health benefits. Squats with dumbbells help strengthen the lower body and target the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves. It also helps to stabilize the knee and ankle muscles. On the other hand, handstands help engage the entire body, including the shoulders, arms, core and back muscles, while also helping to increase circulation and lymph flow. High-intensity exercise helps build strong bones, maintain healthy cardiovascular health, and burn mega calories.


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