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Stopping cow slaughter will end all land problems: Gujarat court

World NewsIndia NewsStopping cow slaughter will end all land problems: Gujarat court

A Gujarat court has made some observations on cow slaughter when it disposed of a case of illegal transportation of cattle from Maharashtra. While sentencing the accused to life imprisonment, the court said that all the problems of the earth will be solved on the day when not even a drop of cow’s blood falls on the earth. Live la And Bar and bench The District Court of Tapi reported that similarly if cows become extinct, the universe will cease to exist.

The order was passed by Principal District Judge Sameer Vinod Chandra Vyas in November. “Science has proved that houses made of cow dung are not affected by nuclear radiation. Use of gomutra (cow urine) is a cure for many incurable diseases. Cow is a symbol of religion,” the judge claimed. What did

Citing shlokas, the court said that where cows are happy, wealth is attained and vice versa where cows are oppressed. The court said that the cow is the mother of Rudra, the daughter of Vasu, the sister of Aditiputra and the treasure of Dhrutropa nectar.

“The cow is not just an animal, but it is the mother, that’s why it is called mother. There is no one as benevolent as the cow. The cow is the living planet of 68 crore sanctuaries and 33 crore deities. The day the cow’s blood Not a single drop will fall on the ground, all the problems will be solved and the welfare of the land will be established,” the court said.


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