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‘Support constructive engagement between India and Pakistan’: US on Kashmir

World News‘Support constructive engagement between India and Pakistan’: US on Kashmir

The US supports constructive engagement between India and Pakistan, but the nature of the dialogue is up to both countries to decide, he said. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said this in response to a media question on Tuesday. On the Kashmir issue

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Asked about recent claims by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi that the issue of sovereignty over Kashmir would be his first priority if his party comes to power, Price said during a press briefing on Tuesday. That the United States supports constructive engagement.

Ned Price said, “The United States supports constructive engagement between India and Pakistan but the nature of such engagement is for both countries to decide.”

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Earlier on Monday, in response to a question regarding Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s call for talks with India and New Delhi’s response to this offer, he said that we have long sought regional stability in South Asia. Of course, that’s what we want to see. We want to see it developed.”

“When it comes to our partnership, our partnership with India and Pakistan, those are relationships that stand on their own. We don’t see those relationships as zero-sum,” he added.

Last week, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “serious and sincere discussions” to resolve outstanding issues. In an interview with Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV, Sharif said that Pakistan had learned its lesson after three wars with India and stressed that it now wants peace with its neighbour.

“My message to the Indian leadership and Prime Minister Modi is that let’s sit at the table and have serious and sincere discussions to resolve our burning points like Kashmir. It is up to us whether we live in peace and progress or a Argue with others. Waste of time and resources, Sharif said.

“We have fought three wars with India, and they have only brought more misery, poverty and unemployment to the people. We have learned our lesson, and we want to live in peace with India, provided we keep our Able to solve real problems,” he added.

On the issue of Russian oil, Price added that the U.S. has deliberately talked about not embargoing Russian oil and subjecting it to a price ceiling. The virtue of a price cap, he said, is that it allows energy markets to capture resources while largely losing revenue.

“We have made the point that we have not deliberately sanctioned Russian oil but that it is subject to the price ceiling. We encourage countries to take advantage of this even if those countries have formalized the price ceiling. have not signed on so that they can get. In some cases oil at a huge discount,” a US State Department spokeswoman said during a press briefing.


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