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The opposition is pushing for a caste census in Madhya Pradesh before the elections.

World NewsIndia NewsThe opposition is pushing for a caste census in Madhya Pradesh before the elections.

In Madhya Pradesh, the Congress and the Samajwadi Party on Friday demanded a caste-based census ahead of assembly elections later this year.

Speaking to reporters, State Congress Committee state president Kamal Nath said: “A caste census is very important for balance, why should it not be done? After all, these people (the BJP-led state and central governments) ) What are they afraid of and what are they trying to hide?A caste census should be conducted immediately.

He added: “There is a lot of caste variation in the state, from Bundelkhand to Maha Kaushal to Gwalior Chambal. There is ethnic and caste diversity. This will come out in the census. Other backward classes (o BC) will get a legitimate place in the reservation through this survey.

The Samajwadi Party echoed similar sentiments and said it has started holding meetings and rallies across the district on demand.

BJP is afraid of caste census because it is a party of upper caste people. A caste census will reveal how much injustice is being done to OBCs. They are not getting privileges and protections. The OBC population in Madhya Pradesh is more than 50 per cent but they are not getting even 27 per cent of the total quota,” said state party chief Ramayan Singh Patel.

“We have submitted a memorandum to the governor, demanding the same,” he added.

The BJP called the demand a “political stunt”. BJP’s OBC wing leader Narayan Singh Kushwaha said, “The state government has already informed the High Court and the Supreme Court about the OBC population, so they (opposition) cannot say this. That the reservation is being delayed due to the census.


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