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The Van Gada family and their love for India

FeaturedSports NewsThe Van Gada family and their love for India

Sue Wen S sat on a chair and looked around the practice pitch of Bursa Munda Hockey Stadium. “You know this is my eighth visit. I really like India,” said the Dutch hockey player.

Not only Sev but his whole family has deep connection with India. His mother came to India at the age of 18 and has been returning ever since. His father, Paul, was India’s chief coach in 2015.

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“I’ve been to India once with my family for three weeks as a tourist and seven times as a hockey professional. That’s already too many times,” laughs Siv. “Coming back to India is always amazing. I love Indian culture. It’s completely different from back home.”

It was in 2013 that Sev’s mother brought her family to India to experience the “color and vibe”. The family spent three weeks traveling to New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Mumbai and Varanasi.

“It was during my early years in the Dutch team. We had a winter break and my mother really wanted to share her experience of India with us. She did all the bookings. It was a while ago. But it’s still fresh in my mind,” said Siew, who made his debut in 2011. He has 204 international caps and helped the Netherlands beat Malaysia 4-0 in Pool C. of

Of all the places he visited, Varanasi left the strongest impression on the 30-year-old. Siva was overwhelmed by the spirituality he saw and felt in one of India’s holiest cities.

“Old Delhi was really impressive, the Taj Mahal was really beautiful but for me Varanasi was an incredible experience because of the traditions, birth, life, death and cremation and all the rituals around it on the banks of the Ganga,” Seve said. said.

In other rounds too, he tried to squeeze in such rounds despite time constraints. “If you’re here for hockey, you’re either training or looking at a lot of hotels. But on days off I always want to go out and see as much as possible but it gets difficult,” ‘ said the 2014 and 2018 World Cup silver medalist midfielder.

This time also before coming to Rourkela he takes his teammates around Bhubaneswar where they are getting a suit. “It was a great experience for us. We are not used to the kind of craftsmanship that a tailor chooses and makes a suit out of. The boys felt a little hesitant at first but eventually loved the experience. Going back to Bhubaneswar. Later we’ll pick up the suit. I really like the Indian suit (band gala) but not many occasions to wear it. It’s probably going to hang in my closet,” she said.

While Paul is busy as the coach of the Dutch women’s team, Sev’s mother and brother will come to Bhubaneswar to watch the Dutch play.

Sev’s diet has also been influenced by India. He likes “naan, dal makhani and chicken curry”. “I like to eat vegetarian food as much as possible; in Holland, it is possible but not so delicious… I don’t know the names and recipes, but they are so delicious with so much flavor that you don’t get in Holland. found.”


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