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Three children abandoned by mother, stepfather rescued in Telangana.

World NewsIndia NewsThree children abandoned by mother, stepfather rescued in Telangana.

Police in Telangana’s Yadadri Bhongir district on Sunday admitted three children to a child care center in Hyderabad, who were allegedly abandoned by their mother and stepfather at a Yadadri temple at midnight on January 14, officials said. .

Yagyagutta police said they found the abandoned children – a 10-year-old boy, along with his eight-year-old sister and five-year-old brother – in a pitiable condition in front of the Vaikantha Dwaram (temple arch) and later in the freezing cold. On the stand.

“We initially registered a missing case and kept them under our surveillance. We started inquiring about their parents but the children were scared and did not reveal much details. Later, we called the members of the District Child Welfare and Protection Committee (DCWPC) and handed over the children to them on January 20,” said Yagyagutta Inspector of Police Shiv Shankar.

The eldest of the three gave sketchy details to DCWPC members. Inquiries revealed that the children belonged to Bhagat Singh Colony of Sarva Nagar in Ranga Reddy District. His father left the family three years ago, and his mother was in a live-in relationship with an auto driver for the past two years,” said the inspector.

After the birth of the girl a few months ago, her stepfather started torturing the three children born to her first husband.

“On the midnight of January 14, the mother and stepfather brought the three children in an auto rickshaw to the town of Yagyaargutta Mandir and dropped them there,” Shankar said.

The boy told the Child Welfare Committee officials that his mother and stepfather tied his hands with a rope and stuffed his mouth with cloth so that he could not cry before leaving his seat in the same auto-rickshaw.

“When they left the spot in the same auto, the boy managed to untie the rope and freed his siblings. When they were wandering around the temple area, a local constable spotted them and brought them to the police station,” he said. The inspector said, adding that no case has been registered yet, as there is no complaint from anyone.

“It seems, the mother and stepfather abandoned them, as they felt that the children would be a hindrance to their live-in relationship,” said the inspector.

The 10-year-old boy also shared the contact number of his uncle, his biological father’s brother. His uncle, who was summoned by the police, came and identified the children but could not reveal the current whereabouts of his brother as they had been separated for a long time, police said.

Sub-Inspector of Police Sudhakar of Yagiyagutta said the children have been shifted to Sisu Vihar run by the State Women’s Development and Child Welfare Department in Madhura Nagar, Hyderabad. “We will try to trace his biological father,” he added.


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