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Tisca Chopra shares her marriage woes in Punjabi, complains of pain after wearing heels on the lawn. Watch

Entertainment NewsTisca Chopra shares her marriage woes in Punjabi, complains of pain after wearing heels on the lawn. Watch

It’s not just Diljit Dosanjh, who is entertaining fans with his pure Punjabi on social media. now Tisca Chopra She also posted a hilarious video in which she shares her struggles after attending multiple weddings this winter. The actor says his shins are hurting after wearing heels in garden and lawn weddings. She also talks about getting massages to help with the pain, but adds that this too proved to be too much for her. Tisca talked about her marriage woes, all while taking a sip from the drink in her hand. Also read: Tisca Chopra’s father stops her as she holds a swimsuit in hand.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Tisca wrote, “Winter wedding woes…” Sitting on a chair wearing a blue sweatshirt with pants, and holding a drink in her manicured hands, Tisca says in Punjabi, “What It is the season of delhi, what is the wedding coming? , tusi pujho na. Logs do not get tired of getting married. First wedding, duja wedding, teja wedding. Me krian, you don’t think of yourself, sadi you think. Hela pa ke bagh which one. Ghasdiyan rahindiyan, kalfi jeeda konsa dard hond a. Yeh kunde ni to malash karale. Uthgai ki kudi ni mere nal karate hi kar ditta. Hor dard hon lagya (There are many weddings in Delhi this season. People don’t get tired of weddings. “If you don’t care about yourself, think about us. Heels sink in the garden, shins hurt. My husband suggested I get a massage, but this girl did karate on me.”

Tuska’s fans were very impressed with her Punjabi. One commented, “Perfectly spoken Punjabi accent Tisca, so good.” Another said, “Super like… Please do more Instagram reels in this Punjabi accent.” Another said, “Hey so cute. Tuska ji tas ta phate chak dutte (You did so well). “Uf khati naal to bada galat hua (Oh such an injustice to you) quipped in Punjabi. Another said, “Achha ek hela bagh vich ghusdiyan rahindiyan ni batode dard aa (Dinking heels in the garden is a big problem).” One comment also read, “Use medicine regularly: Rum.” A The fan also appreciated his ‘brilliant performance’.

Tisca was last seen in Raj Mehta’s Jag Jag Jeev opposite Anil Kapoor. The film starred Anil, Kiara Advani, Varun Dhawan and Neetu Kapoor in lead roles. She also appeared in the Disney+ Hotstar web series, Dahan, last year.

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