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UGC asked universities to adopt tourist attractions, student tours.

Education NewsUGC asked universities to adopt tourist attractions, student tours.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked the higher education institutions to adopt the nearby tourist destination and conduct various activities including student tours.

“Students may also be encouraged to post their live experiences on social media channels. Activities conducted by universities may also be uploaded on the UGC Activity Monitoring Port (UAMP),” the commission said.

During a review meeting held by PM Modi on May 17, 2022, it was suggested that universities should identify a tourist destination and encourage students to learn about the place, the UGC said. Should be encouraged, and visits should be planned as part of annual study tours.

“Young students need to be encouraged to visit tourist destinations in India so that they can learn about the rich Indian heritage, culture, architecture, wildlife etc. To achieve this objective, the Ministry of Tourism has prepared a concept note for adoption of tourism destinations. by universities… to increase students’ knowledge about their country…,” the commission said.

Check UGC Notes. Here.


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