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UGC issues guidelines for universities to share resources.

Education NewsUGC issues guidelines for universities to share resources.

All universities Resources should be shared with each other to bring qualitative improvement in R&D activities. Higher Education Regulator In this regard, guidelines have been issued.

Central Govt Assisting central universities as well as other higher education institutions in allocating resources for setting up infrastructure and improving the quality of research. University Grants Commission said in a letter last week.

“Since maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure facilities requires continuous funding, it is felt that HEIs can charge a modest amount to maximize the utilization of available resources for their infrastructure. should take steps to share with other HEIs,” he said.

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The commission said that this additional revenue would not only provide resources to needy institutions but also help the host universities to manage their resources better. “For this, HEIs may allow sharing/use of their resources, such as libraries, laboratories, equipment, etc., by students and researchers of other HEIs during spare time,” the regulator said.

According to the guidelines, the cooperating institutions should sign agreements in this regard and facilities may be opened for sharing between institutions that are within the same city or located nearby.

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If cooperating institutions are located far away, the commission said they should only look at the possibility of sharing educational resources. “Such educational resources that may be shared include institutional learning repositories, i.e., online lectures, videos, learning materials, and access to learning management systems,” the guidelines state.

For collaborative research, the guidelines suggested that institutions should cover fields including technology, biosciences, sciences, applied sciences, and agricultural management, among others.

The commission asked all higher education institutions to initiate appropriate measures to provide benefits to graduate students and researchers.


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