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UK government to block controversial Scottish gender reform bill

World NewsUK government to block controversial Scottish gender reform bill

The UK government will block. Scotland’s controversial gender reform bill, Scotland Secretary Alastair Jack said on Monday that the move was likely to trigger a legal battle between the two governments.

Jack said he was concerned about the move by the legislature in Edinburgh Make it easier for people to change their legally recognized gender Equality legislation across England will be adversely affected, Scotland And Wales

“I have decided to make an order under section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998, preventing the Scottish Parliament’s Gender Identity Reform (Scotland) Bill from proceeding to Royal Assent,” Jack said.

Royal Assent is the final step for the proposed legislation to be entered on the statute books.

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Under devolution rules, which led to the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, London can block legislation if ministers believe it would have an “adverse effect on the administration of the law”.

The legislation, passed by the Scottish Parliament in December, makes it easier and faster for people to officially change their gender, eliminating the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

It allows 16- and 17-year-olds to change their gender, despite attempts by some Scottish lawmakers to keep the age at 18.

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This cuts from two years to three months — or six months for 16-17-year-olds — before an applicant is officially recognized as living in their new gender. does

Jack said transgender people going through the process of changing their legal gender deserve respect, support and understanding, basing his decision on the legal implications.

“I have not taken this decision lightly,” he added.

“This Bill will have a significant impact on GB-wide equality matters in Scotland, England and Wales, among other things.

“I have therefore concluded that this is a necessary and valid procedure.”

– Challenge –

Scotland’s nationalist First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned London on Monday against any attempt to block the law, saying her government was prepared to “vehemently” defend its powers all the way to Britain’s highest court. Is.

The growing deadlock over the gender law has exacerbated London’s strained relationship with the Scottish government, with its ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) seeking to block efforts by the UK Supreme Court to hold a new independence referendum. Less than a month later.

Sturgeon told reporters in Edinburgh that her government was prepared to “vigorously” defend gender legislation all the way to Britain’s highest court if the UK government blocked it.

Opponents of the law fear it could pose risks to women and girls, particularly around the provision of single-sex spaces.

But the Scottish Government insists this will not affect the UK’s Equality Act, which allows trans people to be excluded from single-sex spaces such as changing rooms and shelters.

Sturgeon – who has faced one of the biggest internal revolts of her eight-year tenure over the issue – said the previous gender reassignment system was “intrusive, painful and inhumane”.

“In my view there is no reason to challenge this law,” he added.

“So if there is a decision to challenge, in my view, it would be purely a political decision and I think it would exploit trans people — who are already the most vulnerable, stigmatized in our society. One of the groups is — as a political weapon

“And I think that would be unreasonable and indefensible and really, really embarrassing.”


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