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UK PM Rishi Sunak apologises for removing car seat belt: ‘Brief error of judgement’

World NewsUK PM Rishi Sunak apologises for removing car seat belt: ‘Brief error of judgement’

British Prime Minister Rishi Sink apologized for a “short lapse of judgement” in removing his seat belt to make a social media video while driving to a destination in northwest England on Thursday.

Sink’s Downing Street spokesman said he had only briefly unbuckled his seat belt and admitted he had made a mistake.

In the UK, passengers who do not wear a seat belt when sitting in a car, unless covered by a valid medical exemption, can be fined £100 on occasion, rising to £500 if the case goes to court. gets pounded.

“It was a brief error of judgement. The Prime Minister removed his seat belt to film a short clip. He fully accepts that it was a mistake and apologizes for it,” said a Sinc spokesperson. “

“The Prime Minister believes that everyone should wear a seat belt,” the spokesperson added.

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Sink made a video to promote his government’s announcement of a new Leveling Up Fund to fund more than 100 projects across the country. Police motorcycles could be seen guarding his vehicle as he addressed the camera.

The opposition Labor Party said the latest episode added to the “endlessly distressing spectacle” after a previous video showed Sink struggling to make a contactless payment with his card.

A Labor spokesman said, “Rishi Singh doesn’t know how to manage seat belts, his debit card, the train service, the economy, this country. The list grows every day, and it’s endlessly painful to watch.” Making for.”

It came at the end of a day during which he also came under fire from the opposition for using a Royal Air Force (RAF) jet to fly into the north of the country. Downing Street insisted that the use of the plane was to ensure the best use of the Prime Minister’s time.


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