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Ukraine says emergency blackouts applied in ‘most regions’ after latest Russian strikes

World NewsUkraine says emergency blackouts applied in ‘most regions’ after latest Russian strikes

Ukraine reports fresh barrage of Russian missiles. and civilian casualties as of Saturday Britain became the first Western country to offer him heavy tanks. It has been looking for a long time. The British move drew a sharp response from Moscow, which warned it would only “intensify” the conflict.

Meanwhile, Moldova said debris from the latest Russian missiles landed on its territory and condemned the attacks.

Ukraine Russia also insisted on Saturday that fighting was continuing in Soledar, a day after Russia claimed it had captured the devastated eastern town after a long battle. A victory would be a rare victory for Moscow after a series of military setbacks.

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Ukrainian officials condemned the latest wave of deadly Russian missile strikes across the country, as the country celebrated the Ukrainian New Year, a popular holiday in Ukraine.

At least nine people, including a 15-year-old girl, were killed and 64 injured when an apartment building collapsed in the eastern city of Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk Governor Valentin Reznichenko said on the messaging app Telegram.

He added that seven children are among the injured, the youngest of whom is three years old. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky later said: “It is not yet known how many people are buried under the rubble. Unfortunately, the death toll is increasing every hour.”

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Ukrainian presidential aide Mykhailo Podoliak called for Russia’s expulsion from the UN Security Council.

Britain is sending the first heavy tanks.

Earlier on Saturday, British Prime Minister Rishi Singh pledged to supply Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, making Kiev the first Western country to deliver the heavy tanks.

The Russian Embassy in Britain immediately issued a warning that “bringing tanks into the conflict zone, far from ending hostilities, will only serve to intensify hostilities, leading to more casualties, including civilian casualties.” will”.

But in his evening address on Saturday, Zelensky argued that Russian “terrorism” could only be stopped on the battlefield.

“It can and should be done on our land, in our skies, in our seas,” he said.

Ukraine’s southwestern neighbor Moldova said on Saturday it had found missile debris on its territory following the latest Russian strikes.

“Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has a direct impact again on Moldova,” President Maia Sandu tweeted, posting photos of the wreckage.

“We strongly condemn today’s heinous attacks.”

– Energy infrastructure affected –

Ukraine’s energy facilities operator Ukrainergo said it was working to “eliminate the consequences” of the latest Russian attacks.

In Kyiv, AFP journalists heard several explosions, while Ukrainian authorities reported attacks on electricity installations.

“An infrastructure facility has been damaged, without any destruction or fire,” Kyiv city administration said.

In the northeastern Kharkiv region, “the enemy launched another missile attack on key infrastructure and industrial facilities,” Governor Oleg Senigubov said.

Energy Minister German Galushenko said on Saturday that an emergency blackout had been imposed in “most regions” of Ukraine due to the latest barrage of attacks.

Attacks have also been reported in the southern Zaporozhye region.

Ukraine has managed to shoot down 20 of more than 30 Russian missiles, Zelinsky said.

“Unfortunately, energy infrastructure facilities have also been affected,” he added, with Kharkiv and Kyiv regions the most affected.

– Solder Status Controversial –

The fate of Soledar, a salt mining outpost claimed by Russia, remains uncertain, despite denials from Ukraine.

Both sides have admitted heavy losses in the battle for the town.

Ukraine’s military governor in the war-torn eastern region of Donetsk insisted on Saturday that “Solidar is controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, our army controls it.”

“Battles are going on inside and outside the city,” he added.

He was responding to claims by Russia’s Defense Ministry on Friday that it had “completed the liberation” of Soledar yesterday.

The industrial city with a pre-war population of about 10,000 is now a pile of rubble from heavy fighting.

Capturing Soledar could improve the position of Russian forces as they push toward the nearby transport intersection of Bakhmut, their main target since October.

Turkey said on Saturday it was ready to push for a local ceasefire in Ukraine and warned that Moscow and Kyiv did not have the military means to “win the war”.

Ibrahim Kalin, a foreign policy adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, admitted that the warring parties appeared ready to strike a “most important peace deal” in the coming months.


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