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Ultimate Kho Kho has taken a huge leap in viewership with a massive reach of 164m.

FeaturedSports NewsUltimate Kho Kho has taken a huge leap in viewership with a massive reach of 164m.

After making a grand entry into the Indian sports industry with a highly successful inaugural edition, Ultimate Kho Kho has achieved another milestone as the latest YouGov report revealed that the league has a massive audience of 164 million across various media touch points. Accessed, which are the top. -3 Non-cricket leagues in India.

Presenting indigenous sports in an exciting revised avatar, Kho-Kho, widely regarded as a rural sport, has an equal split of urban and rural audiences and the urban elite with 70% of SEC AB’s viewership. managed to capture the imagination of

According to YouGov Sports, women made up 41 percent of the overall viewership, which is pretty good for a new sport on television.

The success of Ultimate Kho Kho shows that the audience is ready to accept a new format of sports if it is handled correctly. Efforts made to project Kho-Kho as a new-age game and to prepare the event with world-class quality have not really paid off as not only in terms of high reach and stickiness, but Ultimate Kho-Kho has opened in the past. Was the league’s top performer for the season. Five years in all leagues.

Season one of Ultimate Kho-Kho was telecast on Sony Sports Network as well as live on Sony LIV across multiple channels and in 5 languages. The inaugural season was produced by RISE Worldwide with 19+ cameras including the first SpiderCam in indoor sports in India.

“What stood out was the high amount of time spent on highlights, which saw a total of 5,825 hours. This means that despite some major international tournaments, including the India-Pakistan clash in the Asia Cup, fans have returned the remote control. were keen to pick up. to enjoy the ultimate Kho Kho. Off-the-seat action also introduced a brand new game to the millennial and Gen Z audience as it also reached 148 million on social media, With 225 million video views and 60 million interactions. social media platforms. What is heartening is the strong response from both rural and urban to such an old and heartland game in India,” Ultimate Kho Kho. KC CEO Tenzing Niyogi said.

The inaugural season managed to gain popularity not only in the franchisee states (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Gujarat, Odisha and Rajasthan) but also in other states like Karnataka, Delhi, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

Ultimate Kho Kho also achieved a net media value of INR 132.5cr with sponsor branding on floor mats and perimeters ensuring maximum visibility given the game format, camera angles and court size. This reflects the strong potential of sponsors in terms of return on investment (ROI).


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