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US reiterates support for Finland, Sweden joining NATO: “What we want to see…’

World NewsUS reiterates support for Finland, Sweden joining NATO: "What we want to see…'

The Biden administration on Tuesday reiterated its support for both Finland and Sweden to join NATO as soon as possible, as Helsinki said it was one of trilateral talks with Turkey over the Nordic countries’ request to join the military alliance. A break is needed.

State Department spokesman Ned Price was repeatedly asked at a news briefing whether Washington would support a possible accession of Finland without Sweden, but he declined to comment on what he called a “hypothesis.” Not “a live question now”.

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“It’s always been a discussion about Finland and Sweden… about going from an alliance of 28 to an alliance of 30. That’s what we want to see,” Price said, noting Finland’s separation from NATO. Joining is just a question. That we’re not having fun.”

Turkey’s president said Sweden should not expect support from his country after weekend protests near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, which included the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran.


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