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US Sikh leader accuses Republican colleagues of attacking her over religion

World NewsUS Sikh leader accuses Republican colleagues of attacking her over religion

Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent Indian Americans The attorney who is running for chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has alleged that she is facing biased attacks from fellow party leaders. The Sikh faith And emphasized that she will not give up and will continue to be in the race for the top position.

Dhillon, 54, Ex California The Republican Party co-chairman, is running against incumbent Rona McDaniel for the post. “To be very clear, any threats to me or my team, or partisan attacks on my beliefs directly identifiable to the chair’s colleagues, will not stop me from pursuing positive change at the RNC, which “Includes new standards of accountability, transparency, integrity, and decency,” Dhillon said in a series of tweets on Monday. Dhillon said he received several threatening tweets on Monday.

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“Threats coming in today. One of Rona’s state chair supporters responded to my message about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., threatening me if I didn’t stop “disturbing” text messages from constituents. What if (none of my team told anyone to text members),” he alleged.

“Another person on my team received a threatening call from a $$$ RNC consultant asking questions about the RNC’s highest paid vendors. The message was conveyed that my supporter would never be involved in any particular presidential campaign. Or won’t work for the RNC if they don’t shut up,” he said via his verified Twitter handle Panjaban.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) chairperson will be elected on January 27.

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Dhillon has been endorsed to run for chairwoman of the Republican National Committee against McDaniel.

“We need to decentralize the RNC out of D.C. and away from the lobbyists, consultants, and plain-sighted politicians who dictate the direction of the party at the expense of what our voters want,” he said. Last week, the Politico newspaper reported in a report that opponents had begun to raise concerns about his Sikh faith — a development that has upset some committee members.

“It’s hurtful to know that a handful of RNC members, in a close race for the RNC chair, have used my devout Sikh faith as a weapon against me over my fitness to run the RNC,” Dhillon told Politico. choose to raise the question.” His opponent, McDaniel, the incumbent, has condemned such a faith-based attack. “We are a party of faith, family and freedom, and these attacks have no place in our party or our politics,” McDaniel told the newspaper. “As a member of a minority faith myself, I will never condone such attacks. I am determined to run a positive campaign and will continue to do so,” she said.


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