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US to mount pressure on China to stop buying Iranian oil: Report

World NewsUS to mount pressure on China to stop buying Iranian oil: Report

Bloomberg | | Posted by Yagya Sharma.

The Biden administration’s top Iranian envoy said he would increase pressure on China to stop importing Iranian oil as the United States seeks to impose nuclear sanctions.

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“China is the primary destination for illicit exports from Iran” and that talks to stop Beijing from buying “will continue to intensify,” US Special Envoy to Iran Robert Maley said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Monday. has been”.

The United States again imposed sanctions on it. Islamic Republic and its petroleum exports in 2018 after withdrawing from a deal aimed at containing its nuclear program. In response, Tehran has stepped up uranium enrichment activities and limited international monitoring.

Meanwhile, Iranian crude oil shipments have surged in recent months against Washington’s condemnation. Much of this flood of oil appears to be heading to China, the world’s largest importer.

Maley said the United States would “take steps that we need to take to stop the export of Iranian oil and stop countries from buying it.” “We have not eased any of our sanctions against Iran, particularly with respect to the sale of Iranian oil.”


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