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Vivek Agnihotri mocks Rahul Gandhi for wearing ‘warm jackets indoors’, eating ‘5-course meals’: ‘Easy drama. Very high’

Entertainment NewsVivek Agnihotri mocks Rahul Gandhi for wearing 'warm jackets indoors', eating '5-course meals': 'Easy drama. Very high'

The film maker Vivek Agnihotri Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has mocked her for her choice of clothes and food inside and outside her home. Taking to Twitter on Monday, Vivek responded to a tweet expressing appreciation. Rahul Gandhi. In a recent interview, Rahul was seen wearing a half black jacket over his white T-shirt. He sat at a table laden with many dishes. (Also read | Vivek Agnihotri jokes when Rahul Gandhi talks about ‘flying’ during Bharat Jodu Yatra, shares video: ‘My Sunday is made’)

Vivek said, “I love the ease with which he wears warm jackets indoors and goes out without a jacket. Also, the ease with which he drinks tea outside and has a 5-course meal at home.” Inside. Easy drama. Easy follower. Good.”

The tweet he shared read, “I love the ease with which he talks to the interviewer. No drama, no sensationalism, no unbelievable assumptions, no put-on, no exaggeration. No, we rarely see politicians talking like normal people. I’d like to see more politicians just being normal people.”

A Twitter user shared a clip of Rahul talking to Curlytales during his Bharat Jodo Yatra. The original tweet by @Bharatjodo said, “A vision of the future for India that 1. transforms the education system, 2. supports the productive system, 3. protects and empowers people. Which is on @RahulGandhi’s mind. #BharatJodoYatra.”

This is not the first time Vivek has spoken about Rahul. Recently he shared a video of Rahul talking about being a pilot and flying a plane. Sharing a video of Rahul’s recent interview on Twitter, Vivek wrote, “My Sunday is done. I’m flying already. Are you?”

Recently, Vivek announced his next film, The Vaccine War, which is all set to hit theaters on Independence Day this year. He started shooting for this film in December last year. Vivek announced Vaccine War in November 2022 and also unveiled the official poster of the film.

The film is slated to release in 11 languages ​​- Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu and Assamese. The project will be produced by Pallavi Joshi’s IM Buddha Productions and Abhishek Agarwal under his banner Abhishek Agarwal Arts. The film stars Anupam Kher, Nana Patekar and Sapthami Gowda.

Talking about the film, Vivek had earlier said, “When Kashmir Files was shelved during the covid lockdown, I started researching it. Then we started researching with scientists from ICMR and NIV. who made our own vaccine possible. The story of their struggle and sacrifices was compelling and while researching we understood how these scientists fought a war against India not only by foreign agencies but by our own people. fought

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