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When Javed Akhtar was mistaken for Gulzar at the airport but did not correct it: ‘Shabana was sitting right next to me’

Entertainment NewsWhen Javed Akhtar was mistaken for Gulzar at the airport but did not correct it: 'Shabana was sitting right next to me'

Javed Akhtar Recently shared a hilarious incident when a man mistakenly thought he was the legendary writer Gulzar at the airport. During the launch of Javed’s book Jadunaama, the veteran screenwriter was on stage with Gulzar. Talking to Gulzar, Javed recalled how a man greeted him at the airport and, thinking he was Gulzar, continued to play. All this happened when Shabana Azmi was sitting next to him. Also read: Javed Akhtar’s dangerous comment on the Pathan row

Javed Akhtar said that the confusion was such that he pretended to be Gulzar and said that he had come to pick up Javed Akhtar. he said, “Shabana (Uzma) And I was at the airport, when the airline staff asked us to sit down and said they would take our luggage. Shabana was sitting next to me when a gentleman came to me and said, ‘Manners Gulzar saab!’ I also replied politely. He then said in surprise, ‘How is Mr. Gulzar at the airport?’ I told him that Javed Akhtar is coming, so I am here to welcome him.

He was confused that such a big man had come to pick up Javed Akhtar! He asked me with desperation in his voice, ‘You came here to pick up Javed Akhtar?’, I replied, ‘I always do. Wherever Javed Akhtar comes from, I welcome him at the airport. Disappointment on his face, which he admires. GulzarAnd Gulzar has come to get Javed Akhtar! He said in a confused, disappointed tone, ‘Well… let’s go Gulzar saab,’ Javed added. This incident divided Gulzar.

Javed also said that although these two are not ‘seeers’, people of ‘average intelligence’ use their brains like a ‘kabadkhana’ (storeroom). In his words, he added that when it comes to poets, people reach into the storeroom and pick out any name they can think of to address them.

Apart from this, on the occasion of the launch of the book, Gulzar recited a poem written for Javed. The two have often been considered rivals throughout their careers and have had fierce rivalries over their songs.


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