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Who is Chris Hipkins — New Zealand’s next Prime Minister? Top facts

World NewsWho is Chris Hipkins — New Zealand's next Prime Minister? Top facts

Chris Hopkins will be New Zealand’s next prime minister, the country’s Labor Party announced on Saturday. He will change. Jacinda Arden who shocked the nation with her decision to resign from her post on Thursday.. “It’s a big day for a boy from Hutt,” Hopkins said, referring to Hutt Valley, near Wellington, the AP reported.

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“I’m really humbled and really honored to be doing this. It’s the biggest responsibility and the biggest honor of my life,” he said.

10 things to know about Chris Hopkins:

1. Chris Hopkins, New Zealand’s education minister, was the only candidate in the running to become the next prime minister.

2. Hopkins, 44, will hold the role for just over eight months before running for the general election.

3. A lawmaker for 15 years, Hopkins rose to public prominence after taking on a crisis management role during the coronavirus pandemic.

4. In addition to holding the Education portfolio, Hopkins is also the Minister of Police and Public Service and Leader of the House.

5. Known as a political trouble-shooter, he has often taken on various roles to resolve issues raised by his fellow legislators.

6. Many believe that Hopkins will appeal to a wider range of voters because he is considered more centrist than Ardern.

7. “Jacinda Ardern has been an incredible prime minister for New Zealand,” he said of the outgoing prime minister. “She was the leader we needed when we needed her.”

8. Among his biggest challenges at the top will be convincing voters that his party is handling the economy well.

9. During the Covid-19 lockdown, his comment that people can go out and “stretch their legs” amused many online.

10. On Saturday, Hopkins told reporters he’ll be back after the summer break, considers himself a hard-working and straight shooter, and doesn’t plan to lose his trademark sense of humor in his new role. kept

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