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Why have foreign diplomats become wolf warriors in India?

World NewsIndia NewsWhy have foreign diplomats become wolf warriors in India?

In a documentary by British state broadcaster BBC that deliberately revisited the 2002 Gujarat riots to politically target Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then the British High Commission in the western state. A confidential inquiry by a junior diplomat from the UK has been referred to EU ambassadors in the capital. It is believed that the French envoy in India at that time informed the South Block about the toxic report being circulated among EU diplomats. The secret inquiry was ordered by then British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, MP for the Muslim-majority Mirpuri constituency of Blackburn.

The then Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal accused the then Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh of breaching diplomatic protocol by conducting a secret inquiry in Gujarat and circulating anti-India reports among other EU ambassadors. warned foreign missions against interfering in India’s internal affairs after informing about

This raises a fundamental question as to why the government allows foreign diplomats to move freely during their postings in India while the Ministry of External Affairs is often kept in the dark.

Although Indian ambassadors to countries like China and Pakistan are aggressively shadowed by the respective intelligence agencies and even their interlocutors are physically and mentally harassed, there is hardly any accountability on the representatives of these countries. Banned and welcomed by the Indian elite. A long time ago. The same applies to ambassadors from the UK, US, Russia and even Germany, who in the past were treated at par with Union cabinet ministers and could easily move to any office without informing the MEA. .

The fact that diplomats from India’s adversaries are known to give selective briefings to convey their national interest is a privilege that Indian ambassadors to these countries do not enjoy. One should not forget that a junior Chinese diplomat posted as Consul General in Mumbai openly confronted the then Defense Minister (later President of India) Pranab Mukherjee in a public meeting on the character of the 1962 war. . While Indian ambassadors and diplomats in Beijing and Islamabad are often confined to their respective diplomatic compounds rather than risking intelligence toughs, their counterparts in Delhi are on the cusp of a cocktail by Delhi’s elite for the next day. Tails was a regular invitee to parties.

In this context, Pakistan’s ambassador to India and his junior diplomats were entertaining Delhi’s left-liberal elite ecosystem with Urdu “shayari”, kebabs and references to bygone days. It was this dispute resolution ecosystem that supported dialogue with Pakistan and created the illusion that the civilian leadership in Islamabad differed from the muftis of the Rawalpindi GHQ on relations with India. The fact is that both the Pakistani civilian and military leadership have a deep hatred for India and they do not miss any opportunity to try to bring down India at international forums with the open support of iron brother China.

It is no secret in Delhi that foreign embassies are in touch with activists and NGOs and often lobby for their national interests. The status of P-5 ambassadors in India is apparently no less than that of a Union Cabinet Minister with full security gear and round-the-clock vigilance. It was not so long ago that the ambassadors of the US, UK and China, all of the rank of Secretary to the Government of India, could make political comments in India with impunity. The Chinese ambassador to India has been a wolf warrior in this regard as he invited ranking Indian politicians to present the PLA version of the 2017 Doklam crisis. Could the Indian ambassador in Beijing invite a top Chinese Communist Party official to do the same on the 2020 East Ladakh offensive?


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