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YONEX will manufacture high quality graphite rackets in India.

FeaturedSports NewsYONEX will manufacture high quality graphite rackets in India.

Leading badminton equipment brand YONEX on Saturday announced that it will now manufacture high-quality graphite rackets in the country, a move that will significantly reduce the cost of the full-body racket.

The new graphite racket was unveiled in the presence of YONEX Japan Chairman Ben Yoneyama, YONEX India President R Hanawa, Sunrise Sports India Pvt Ltd Managing Director Vikramaditya Dhar and India’s Chief National Coach Palila Gopichand.

Unix Sunrise has made a huge difference in Indian Badminton. His contribution was instrumental in India winning its first Olympic medal in 2012. YONEX has been an integral part of India’s success story in world badminton,” said Gopichand.

The growing popularity of the sport has led to an increase in demand for quality rackets and the badminton market is witnessing a 10-15% growth.

Production of the racket in India will also ensure that the prices of the products will come down by 20-30% from the current market rate.

The Japanese company, which set up a factory in Bengaluru in 2016 under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, was manufacturing only aluminum T-joint rackets, which are used by players for fitness or recreational purposes.

Their aim is to increase the current T-joint racket production from 1 million to 2.5-3 million annually.

“A lot of Indian athletes are doing really well at the global level, which is encouraging more to take part in the sport. We want to cater to these fans and take the game forward,” said Unyama. We want to provide the highest quality Japanese equipment to expand.”


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